Thursday, December 3, 2009

Trinity Broadcasting Network: Christians Working Together

When I went to Seton Hall University in 1997 I was determined not to lose my faith in Jesus Christ. I went dorm room knocking, looking to find people who loved Christ. I was (and am) a confession-loving, Eucharist-adoring daily communicant (like Vince Lombardi Hall of Fame Packers coach) who grew up in a small town who really didn’t know many non-catholic’s in high school. As I was looking for people to help me grow in my faith I met Misty Beaver a pure hearted Pentecostal, Kerry Kirk a certain Christian, but an uncertain Catholic, Javar a word of God thumping Baptist, Mary Zimmerman a lukewarm Catholic and Brian Greenfield a non-practicing Catholic. The only confident Christians I met on campus were not Catholics. For the first time in my whole life I had to make a choice. Lean on my brothers and sisters in Christ who weren’t Catholic or keep searching for Catholics on fire. I knew I wouldn’t water down my Catholic faith. Confession changed my life. The Eucharist was my foundation and my Rock was Jesus Christ. I knew in the word Jesus said, “If they are for me then they are not against me.” I knew we were on the same team united in Christ. So Javar and I went together and helped Brian Greenfield grow stronger in his faith (he is a national Catholic evangelist now and one of my best friends). His faith was stronger than I could have ever imagined. Kerry and Misty two softball players firm in their faith shared it with Mary Zimmerman to be a pure hearted child of God (she later became my wife). They also led me to my best friend and best man in my wedding Ken Nelson a non-denominational Christian. Along with many others, we formed a team, that has a spot deep in my heart forever. And so we went, on the campus of Seton Hall. With the love of Jesus Christ we touched Catholics and non-catholics, people with faith and with none. Ever since then I’ve known that whoever is for HIM is not against HIM. That is why going on TBN means so much to me because it makes me feel so close to Ken, Kerry, Misty and Javar. It’s not about what you are but who you are. I just hope that whether people are practicing their faith or not that one day they will know the love of God in their hearts.


Be united in Christ,
Justin Fatica